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  • Mystical Musings

    Pondering all the big questions without ignoring the little ones. No religion, no agenda, nothing for sale. Talk about everything from string theory to sacred geometry and from meditation to summoning spirits. There is no specific category for the musings here just that there's a bit of the mystical rubbed on it. Dream interpretation? Definitely. Astral trips? Absolutely. Tarot? Terrific. OK, enough alliteration. This zone builds itself.
  • sacred shapes / geometry

    sacred geometry is the awareness and application of numerical constants to form and exploration of resonance within consciousness. \r\nthe planets are in some senses an exploration of sacred geometry, as are our bodies.. living formations of our will into shapes and expressions. within the 'everyday' patterns we may have become numbed to are numbers that reveal the essential beauty and strength of the essence of us and of creation.\r\nthe knowledge of the constants that have become known as sacred geometries has been encoded into the many large structures that cover the surface of earth, from the many pyramids, earth structures (mounds) through to the many stone cities, temples and beyond; they mostly, if not all, share a mathematical mapping and express constants and principles which are now being more and more widely comprehended.\r\nwhat can we learn from this? whatever we intend to, choose to and allow to be real. the scope is infinite.




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    • ura soul

      We Need to Talk About Flat Earth in the group: sacred shapes / geometry

      ODD TV - "An Open Letter to Cody's Lab" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x7iIvhwjAY&t=16s - Cody's Lab - "Measuring Earth's Radius with a Telescope?" - https://www...

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      • innerverse

        The Divine Blueprint (Krystleyez - Visionary Artist)

        ...pitome of what I like to do on InnerVerse. We talk metaphysics, sacred geometry, the nature of the divine and...albino tarantula\r\nSeeing the unity in all life\r\nDiscovering sacred geometry (MORE INFO ON KRYSTLE'S WEBSI...

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