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      ...ademy) said: >Steem was there before the regulations came, but I could bet, in near future Steem will be confronted with the same. Let's pray to God this doesn't happen. Do you t...

      • ura soul

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        the meaning of life is that you are alive and get to create what you prefer - so yes, the 'nicing of life' is not a bad idea ;) obviously part of that is the light of god tackling the dragon woman of chaos though. lol

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        • cataleptik

          by cataleptik

          "I tell you, you are Free." - Robert Anton Wilson, channeling the Goddess

          • SoulFish

            I get what your saying. Of course I was just tossing it up as a shout out quote figuring it would mostly inspire the beard toting, sandal wearing, white robbed, golden road leading to a giant throne God. In that context is the only context in which...more

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            • ura soul

              what a blunder!

              what a blunder! i forgot to complete the immune system. I count on you to address this!

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              • ura soul

                chemtrail patent

                ...nd I'm sure it is similar in the U.K. as far as budgeting & control goes. I think it likely that MANY personnel involved believe that "playing God" with weather and the food su...

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