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3 results for "greed"

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    • ura soul

      corporate / fascist takeover in the group: constitutional mechanics 101

      there have been plans made for many decades among those who operate some of the biggest corporations on earth to literally control everything on earth. if you look at what is all around, you will start to notice how the dots are connected.

      keywords: fascism, corporations, tpp, bilderberg, nazi, corporate, greed, denial


      • ura soul

        medical mafia in the group: conspiracy realists

        the medical systems on our planet have been totally taken over and hijacked by big money interests who do nothing to help our health.

        keywords: medical mafia, medicine, greed, corruption, fraud, denial, heartlessness, health


        • ura soul

          fluoride in the group: holistic healing

          keywords: fluoride, water, poison, toxic, denial, greed, pollution, iq, detox