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    • ura soul

      ureka.org now has a group on minds.com in the zone: network information

      for anyone here who has moved from facebook/google/twitter over to minds.com - i have now created a group there for ureka. it's no replacement for ureka.org, but it ensures ureka is seen by the smart cookies over at minds :)\r\nhttps://www.minds.com/groups/profile/708980666053697536

      keywords: minds.com, minds, ureka, group, social


      • ura soul

        a guide to administering and maintaining zones at ureka in the zone: network information

        so you have your very own zone at ureka and want to customise it, invite members and grow your vision? then this guide is for you.\r\nthere are 4 main aspects involved with maintaining and administering a zone at ureka:\r\n\r\ndefining the zone's intentions, theme, privacy levels and any policies...

        keywords: zone, zones, administration, admin, guide, help, walkthrough, groups, group

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