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    • Aknight

      by Aknight

      This moment is filled with so many opportunities to change...the urge for us to grow as a species is palpable...pushing, pushing. Daily more things that are WRONG...they no longer fit who we are becoming as a species. We can grow together.

      • cataleptik

        by cataleptik

        "excellent," his accomplice replied, rubbing his palms in the manner of fiends. "our power grows daily. soon, villeins such as we shall rule hell with hands of iron. Verily."

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        • ura soul

          smart gardener - an online garden planning application in the group: permaculture

          this is an intelligently designed and laid out application for designing and keep track of your vegetable, fruit, herb and any other type of garden. you can design your space, choose plants, add your own plants and plan the growing diary as you prefer.

          keywords: garden, fruit, vegetables, permaculture, diary, application, grow, food


          • ura soul

            Growing BIG Vegetables using Compost Tea in the group: permaculture

            When you maximize the soil potential, you maximize the plant potential. - 46 lb celery - 18 lb carrots - 35 lb cabbage - 60 lb swiss chard - 35 lb zucchini - 40 potatoes from 1 plant Healthy plants resists bugs and slugs from eating them. Plants that don't have to spend energy fighting off pests ...

            keywords: food, grow, vegetables, compost tea

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