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    • ura soul

      smart gardener - an online garden planning application in the group: permaculture

      this is an intelligently designed and laid out application for designing and keep track of your vegetable, fruit, herb and any other type of garden. you can design your space, choose plants, add your own plants and plan the growing diary as you prefer.

      keywords: garden, fruit, vegetables, permaculture, diary, application, grow, food


      • ura soul

        Growing BIG Vegetables using Compost Tea in the group: permaculture

        When you maximize the soil potential, you maximize the plant potential. - 46 lb celery - 18 lb carrots - 35 lb cabbage - 60 lb swiss chard - 35 lb zucchini - 40 potatoes from 1 plant Healthy plants resists bugs and slugs from eating them. Plants that don't have to spend energy fighting off pests ...

        keywords: food, grow, vegetables, compost tea

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        • ura soul

          tomatoes keep growing!

          the polytunnel creates temperatures up to and over the level of desert heat... so imagine what could be done in the deserts if we had water there!

          keywords: polytunnel, food, growing, tomato, salad, grow, desert

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