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3 results for "growth"

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    • ura soul

      Keep connecting dots - how global 'growth' creates imbalance in the group: constitutional mechanics 101

      What do lights out in Ghana, student debt in the USA and slave wages and toxic skylines in China have in common? Keep connecting dots...

      keywords: money, greed, growth, finance, UN, nestle, gates foundation


      • SoulFish

        Path to Growth in the group: Mystical Musings

        A person’s path to spiritual growth is very individual and personal. Even people who are in a community, congregation, coven or cult have to ultimately make the journey to true growth alone. It is however, nice to have support along the way. Recently I have made acquaintances with different...

        keywords: growth, spirituality, enlightenment


        • Aknight

          Change Your Programming - First Steps

          I was hesitating on posting this...until I saw the comment about Gaia/lava/and being happy to see me!  The levels of coincidence and cosmic humor ( at least to me ) pushed me over the edge. You'll have to watch to see for your self.  I didn't plan this to happen....consciously. Hope y...

          keywords: Guided Meditation, self Actualization, Peace, Consciousness, Growth

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