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    • harmony

      by harmony

      @Hope - thank you for sharing ura's thought's / blog here, i couldn't have been guided to read it at a better time ;)

      • SolitaryFriend

        by SolitaryFriend

        I've spent time meditating at different times. With a Tibetan Buddhist Lama at a sanctuary, to receive Reiki attunements and through guided meditations and visualisations. I've had varying degrees of success and feel there is a place for it

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        • ura soul

          Feature guides and tutorials for ureka.org in the group: network information

          Here you will find all of the video guides that are currently available for using ureka.org. More will be added as they are available. If you have any questions that are not covered here then just start a discussion thread in the network information zone to ask for help.

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        • Ureka.org

          how do i add a video to the community?

          currently you can only add videos that are hosted by video hosting sites such as vimeo, youtube, metacafe and others.\r\nwhen you add new videos you can choose whether they will be contained by your own profile or by a zone that you are co-creating. videos that are contained by your profile will ...

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          • ura soul

            what can i do here? in the group: network information

            all co-creators here can:\r\n\r\nupload blog posts (called 'thoughts') on any subject to your profile and to any of the topic related zones.\r\nupload photos to your profile and to any of the groups - each account presently has a disk space allowance of 50MB. this may increase as the site grows, ...

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