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4 results for "guide"


    • harmony

      by harmony

      @Hope - thank you for sharing ura's thought's / blog here, i couldn't have been guided to read it at a better time ;)

      • SolitaryFriend

        by SolitaryFriend

        I've spent time meditating at different times. With a Tibetan Buddhist Lama at a sanctuary, to receive Reiki attunements and through guided meditations and visualisations. I've had varying degrees of success and feel there is a place for it

        • ura soul

          by ura soul

          i found, for example, that as i used up stored fat reserves, i was seeing brief images of the things i had eaten that made the fat, such as bread and biscuits. many take these flashes as guides to eat these things again - when that is not required

          • SolitaryFriend

            by SolitaryFriend

            Hello, I'm a new member and I'd really appreciate someone giving me a guide of the site :) Please feel free to check out my profile. Thank you!