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    • ura soul

      comment on "comments"

      ...ncient - it pre-dates even the predatory patterns we see in the animal world. It is possible for different groups with different needs to live in harmony, I don't actually need to kil...

      • ura soul

        comment on "Walking the Walk vs. Talking the Talk"

        ...and and so judgements may be made hastily that claim that the real balance is actually not balance. Communication is critical in resolving the disharmony that such judgements can make...

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        • ura soul

          Absolutely, as new light is allowed to bring understanding with the needed experiences - we move ever closer to harmony, despite the epic levels of dysfunction we find along the way. <3

          • ura soul

            by ura soul

            Thanks and welcome! I really like the harmony and vibe of your track here, thanks for sharing it. Amazing synchronicity too, since I actually signed in to Ureka to find the video link for Dr. Dean Burk and ended up watching your video instead.. Then...more

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            • ura soul

              flower of life - tool of harmony, connection and balance

              ...is a perfect map for perfect harmony among life forms.\r\nthe flow...as a network map of balance, harmony and integration – each...seeking balance, honesty and harmony, there will be no overpowerin...ntent to evolve is needed for harmony to be experienced where imbal...

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              • Ryan

                Sacred Geometry in Art History in the group: sacred shapes / geometry

                ...points determine the entire grid. Because the grid is inherently three-dimensional, it works as a sort of perspective.\r\nHeraclitus: The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.\r...




                • SolitaryFriend

                  A History of the Altered State - Part 1 in the group: community

                  ...I was recalled to my place of origin, where there was an overwhelming desire to return to a world that existed aeons ago. A world where there was harmony with the natural earth and wh...


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