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    • ura soul

      Innerverse Podcast - 116 - Ura Soul | Getting Real With Healing

      Get real with your emotions, or they'll get real with you... The winter solstice holidays are upon us and it's a great time to put our perspectives on love and compassion. The being known online as Ura Soul returns for a third InnerVerse chat to help us create mass-christ consciousness this Chris...

      keywords: innerverse, ureka, ura soul, podcast, healing


      • innerverse

        116 - Ura Soul | Getting Real With Healing

        @ura-soul returns to InnerVerse!   A prolific content creator and founder of free-speech social media network Ureka.org, Ura Soul is a heart-centered individual who shares knowledge to help our journey of balancing, healing & evolving.   Show Notes & Lin...

        keywords: healing, podcast, ura soul, ureka, evolving, vegan


        • ura soul

          Why being a 'Master' isn't so great. in the group: creativity

          In 'spiritual' circles it is common to hear people talking about self mastery. This is also common in artistic circles - where people talk of mastering an art. There's a subtle issue here that makes a big difference that needs to be explained now. Have you noticed that the word 'master' has a co...

          keywords: mastery, healing, balance, creativity, art, self, psychology, greatness, metymology, etymology


          • ura soul

            Though Provoking Vegan Ideas in the group: nutritional balance

            Veganism is a name given to the idea of making life choices that result in no harm being done to animals (and in my view this also extends to as many living things as possible). It is not necessarily possible to always avoid all harm to all things, but we can do our best.

            keywords: vegan, consciousness, memes, meme, animals, food, life, healing, psychology


            • UltimeGigaGuyverWeapon


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              keywords: Powerful, Brain, Healing, Sounds


              • Chris Pressurepointau

                Chris Pressurepointau

                • Australia, Melbourne.
                • cataleptik

                  What is *DESIRE* both Materially and *SPIRITUALLY*? in the group: community

                  Welcome to my video blog where I talk about Desire, Intention, Will, Energy, Meditation and everything Consciousness and Awareness. We are all her to learn, live and contribute to a better existence for the future of this planet!FIND MORE INFO HERE Facebook: life with serenity http://tinyurl.com...

                  keywords: RUoW, Advice, Will, Desire, Healing