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    • ura soul

      BBC News Theresa May calls for new powers to tackle extremists in the group: transforming disaster

      Home Secretary Theresa May has called for new powers to ban extremist groups and curb the activities of 'harmful' individuals.\nBanning orders and "extreme disruption" orders will feature in the party's 2015 election manifesto, the home secretary told the Tory Party conference.

      keywords: theresa may, england, psychopathy, denial, heartlessnes, anti-terror, censorship, control


      • ura soul

        Will we allow un-emotional, intellectual 'thinkers' to control the destiny path of humanity? in the group: conspiracy realists

        The way that creative power and resources are distributed on earth has long been determined to some extent by the amount of 'money' available to individuals. Is this really the best way for us to live? Are our lives enhanced or damaged by this?\r\nThose who study the financial systems and the met...

        keywords: psychopathy, maths, logic, heartlessnes, eugenics, depopulation, microsoft, emotion, balance

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