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4 results for "heartlessness"


    • ura soul

      exposing cases of non-consensual experimentation in the group: conspiracy realists

      Over the years, many cases have been uncovered of corporate agents and government groups being involved in planning, designing and carrying out dangerous and even fatal 'e...

      keywords: experiments, free will, experimentation, denial, heartlessness

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      • ura soul

        veganism: eating to increase health, while reducing harm and suffering in the group: nutritional balance

        over and over it has been shown through lived experience and scientific process that eating dead animals is dangerous to human health. switching to alternatives, such as a...

        keywords: veganism, vegan, meat, diet, heartlessness, animals, balance, peace, nutrition, health, healing, food, vegetarian, dairy, milk

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        • ura soul

          institutional child abuse in the group: cruelty to life

          ...ldren to initiate mind control programming, blackmail of politicians and manipulation of many others.a gradual revealing of the extent of this heartlessness has escalated between the yea...

          keywords: satanism, child abuse, murder, torture, mind control, ritual sacrifice, government corruption, heartlessness, denial, snuff films, evil

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          • ura soul

            targetted individuals: mass-scale, covert, mind-control + human remote tracking, implanting & harassment in the group: slavery today

            chipping, tagging and many other forms technology that are being used on non consenting humans have existed for decades. they can easily be inserted covertly inside us or...

            keywords: rfid, implants, implant, psyops, black projects, rand corporation, cia, chipping, mk ultra, heartlessness, evil

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