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    • ura soul

      A quick introduction to ureka.org & how to join the earth heart community in the group: network information

      ureka.org is a social network and learning platform intended to help us to heal, balance and evolve. ureka respects privacy, does not trade or share your data and intends to be as free as humanly possible! in this video, ura soul (founder of ureka) gives a brief introduction to ureka.org and walk...

      keywords: ureka, guide, walkthrough, help, introduction, join


      • ura soul

        Text, Voice & Audio Chat for Ureka Is Now Available Via Discord! in the group: network information

        Adding text, video and audio chat to Ureka has been a goal for some time. Having experimented with some software solutions it was found that none of the free ones that were tested were up to a level of reliability that we need here. However, in recent years an alternative option has become very p...

        keywords: help, chat, ureka, discord, videochat, audiochat


        • ura soul

          All Discussions at Ureka.org have been automatically converted into 'thoughts'. in the group: network information

          As part of the process of integrating Steem features into ureka, I have had to retire the 'discussions' part of the site. They were not really needed anyway as the 'thoughts' section of the site contains all of the features that discussions contain except the 'open/closed' status (which no-one us...

          keywords: discussions, upgrade, help, thoughts