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    • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

      My News Punch EVENTS

      ...President Donald Trump has been touting, he now hopes he dies quickly to help prove that Trump is an idiot....xcited about the idea of dying to prove Trump is dumb, and his good mood helped his condition, and he start...

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      • ura soul

        medical mafia in the group: conspiracy realists

        the medical systems on our planet have been totally taken over and hijacked by big money interests who do nothing to help our health.


        • Angel4Light

          The ONE's Amazing Rays

          I titled this appropriately because it is The ONE, our Father in Heaven, who has sent these Rays of Light to help Heal us, Awaken us and help us to remember that we are part of him, and that we ha...


          • ura soul

            food in the group: nutritional balance

            much of what you are sold as food is not food at all - it is simply 'matter' shaped to look like food.\r\nthere is a difference between food and nutrition - one will help you live and one is open to corruption and does not grow freely on this planet.