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4 results for "hierarchy"

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    • ura soul

      titles & hierarchy guarantee error is present in thinking in the group: aligning self for freedom

      many groups, particularly religious groups and others who 'provide' philosophies and concepts about 'truth' of life and 'how to live', also provide/require rankings and titles.. such as 'high priest', 'doctor', 'master', 'sir' etc.\r\nfor an individual to agree to such a title requires that they ...

      keywords: right use of will, titles, hierarchy, truth, healing, balance, freedom

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      • ura soul

        remember our childhood intentions of friendship in the group: holistic healing

        when i was a child, i desired equality, i knew we are all equal; whether or not we have experienced greatness, fairness, balance or equality, we are all of the one source and are all 'in truth' equal.\r\nas children we are often ignored by adults or viewed as 'less than' - 'not relevant'. i saw t...

        keywords: hierarchy, will, balance, healing, slaves, food, corporate

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        • ura soul

          The Ruling Class - Peter O'Toole as God Of Love in the group: creativity

          The Ruling Class (1972) Director : Peter Medak Writer : Peter Barnes (based on Barnes' play) Peter O'Toole as Jack Michael Bryant as Dr. Herder William Mervyn as Sir Charles Gurney Coral Browne as Lady Claire Gurney Arthur Lowe as Tucker

          keywords: movie, god, hierarchy, love

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          • ura soul

            How To Murder the Minds of the Masses in the group: aligning self for freedom

            A simple, ancient principle...\n- Become a "Red Pill Member" for Exclusive Content: http://www.redpillphilosophy.com/Members\n- Join the Red Pill Forums: http://www.redpill.boards.net \n- My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RedPillPhilosophy\n- My Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RedPillTweets\n\...

            keywords: romans, rome, fleas, will, mind control, hierarchy, schools, teachers, children