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16 results for "hillary clinton"


    • ureka.app

      comment on "comments"

      ...on ! This added to the Left looking to a baby eating Demon called Hillary Clinton to replace the Kenyan in the...this disinformation agent ! Google hates Trump almost as much as Hillary Clinton does herself and have done as...

      • ura soul

        comment on "New DNC Leaks Blow Hillary’s Health and Obama’s Corruption Wide Open"

        the clintons were exposed decades ago by cia agents as having been (and possibly s...r: https://www.ureka.org/thoughts/view/77633/hillary-clintons-health-issue-is-directly-con...ected-to-sustained-cocaine-use-evidence-says-clintons-deal-coke\r\nyes, the denial...

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        • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

          My News Punch DR F DEJAHANG-PAST 10 DAYS-P1

          ...ar ➽Mini Thought Police Guard Dog-Quora in Mountain View, California, community Jimmy Wales, Richard A. Muller, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Adrián Lamo For tabl...


          • resheyeh

            News Headlines 25th July 2017_2

            ...tionworld/politics/ct-schumer-trump-firing-mueller-20170723-story.htmlGingrich  Mueller’s Law Firm Gave 99.81% of Its Donations to Hillary Clinton Last Yearhttps://www.informat...


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            • ura soul

              sure - you've got a political choice!

              hillary clinton has already been exposed by numerous cia agents,...nd other professionals as participating with bill clinton in a large scale cocaine traf...he tip of the iceberg. see here:\r\nexposing bill clinton as center of a crime and coca...

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