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5 results for "history"

image albums

    • cataleptik

      NIRMANAKAYA - body of light

      art experiment February 2019

      keywords: dharma, buddha, bodhisattva, vows, lineage, arhat, tantra, dakini, bhumi, attainment, legend, myth, history


      • ura soul

        denied earth story in the group: earth heart

        bits and pieces of the earth story that are usually reversed and told to us in a way that denies reality.

        keywords: truth, denial, history, earth


        • Ryan

          Sacred Geometry in Art History in the group: sacred shapes / geometry

          Hexagonal grids used in paintings. Drawing the grid with a compass, the first two points determine the entire grid. Because the grid is inherently three-dimensional, it...


          • Ryan

            Sacred Geometry in Art History

            Hexagonal grids used in art.


            • ura soul

              dinosaurs/ reptoids & humans on earth in the group: earth heart

              fossil evidence of simultaneous cohabiting of earth's surface of beings with human form and beings with 'dinosaur' forms.

              keywords: dinosaurs, fossils, history, earth