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3 results for "holistic"

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    • ura soul

      why holistic thinking succeeds & the importance of ending denials in the group: holistic healing

      a quick brain dump on the topic of holistic thinking and how to apply it to solving problems in our daily life.

      keywords: holism, holistic, holistic thinking, problem solving, engineering


      • ura soul

        [ENG/ITA] intro: holistic balance in social systems. talk @ elgg camp, Italy in the group: creativity

        ** also translated live in italian ** my presentation at the elgg camp in pesaro, italy (2016). elgg is a software framework (elgg.org) used to build web applications with a social focus, such as www.ureka.org. in this presentation i shared a brief introduction to some principles of holistic bala...

        keywords: ureka, ura soul, holistic, holistic balance, systems, system engineering, system design, balance, social networking, social networks, elgg, elgg camp, italy, open source

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        • ura soul

          AV3 - Trevor Gunn - Vaccination in the group: holistic healing

          Vaccination: The Evidence and Alternative Ways of Looking at Health Trevor Gunn This is a presentation on the current and historical evidence surrounding the controversial issue of vaccination. By examining the detail as well as the overview, we shall reveal how vaccines affect the physical body,...

          keywords: lecture, education, health, germ theory, germs, pasteur, bcg, who, holistic, vaccines