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2 results for "images"

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    • ura soul

      enhancements: image previews, thumbnail images and more in the group: network information

      i have been busy the last 24 hours improving various aspects of the way ureka handles images, such as image thumbnails, image popup previews and more significantly (although invisibly) i have made changes behind the scenes to improve compatibility and performance on some devices.\r\ni have also u...

      keywords: images, upgrades, previews, thumbnails


      • ura soul

        new feature testing: improved image galleries in the group: network information

        i have been busy here the last few days writing code to make the image galleries in ureka much more pleasant to use and more aesthetically pleasing - to show off our images without overpowering them! i am close to uploading the changes to the main site so it would appreciate if you would take a l...

        keywords: gallery, feature, upgrade, ureka, images, feedback

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