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4 results for "inflammation"

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    • ura soul

      How to heal your thyroid and adrenals in the group: holistic healing

      How to heal your thyroid and adrenal glands. The thyroid and adrenals have a reciprocal relationship. When Adrenal activity is high, thyroid activity is low and vice versa. Living in a constant state of stress leads to high adrenal activity. Don't stress! Discover how these complicated little gla...

      keywords: thyroid, adrenal fatigue, statins, ritalin, spine, hormones, healing, body, balance, stress, adrenals, hypothyroid, brain, hyperthyroid, estrogen, progesterone, cancer, breast cancer, fluoride, vaccinations, inflammation

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      • ura soul

        Healing Arthritis and Inflammation in the group: holistic healing

        http:www.tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com Loren discusses how arthritis and inflammation are usually healed via fasting long-enough and properly and discusses the case of a 70 year-old woman who healed much of the disfigurement in her hands after more than 30 years of crippling arthritis and was able...

        keywords: fasting, arthritis, inflammation, healing, balance, health, joints, bones


        • ura soul

          Patrick Jordan | The History of Weaponized Vaccines, Militarized Medicine, & Serum Sickness in the group: conspiracy realists

          Many of our listeners will agree that it’s crazy to trust the government and the state of the healthcare system to actually keep us healthy. Nowhere is the controversy more pronounced than in the pro- and anti-vaccination debate. While the government agencies insist that vaccines are safe a...

          keywords: vaccines, who, world health organisation, serum sickness, immune system, lymph, arthritis, allergy, inflammation, blood, polio, sv40, cancer, virus, smallpox, cowpox, autism, missionaries, jesuits, mercury, vitamin d, sunlight, uvb


          • ura soul

            Do-It-Yourself Joint Pain Relief, As Easy As 1-2-3 in the group: holistic healing

            You’ll soon discover that joint pain relief can often be achieved in just 3 Simple Steps. Giving you the ability to "fix yourself" is our mission, even for those with chronic joint pain, so let's get

            keywords: massage, body, health, joints, inflammation, tmj, tmd, pain