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    • resheyeh


      ...it is dafe to infer that many Jews are not schooled in the Jahwite/Elohist, Canaanite/Edomite/Hasmonean, Sanhedrin/Pharasaic and the Khazarian "schisms" (for wont of a better term)....

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      • SoulFish

        Seeker Loop in the group: Mystical Musings

        ...e thing. Seek, read, write, resonate and understand your path knowing it is forever in flux in its evolution as are you, that’s just how organisms work. One aspect of the loop...

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        • ura soul

          at the heart of political systems in the group: constitutional mechanics 101

          the labels that are put on the various programs that have delivered the various well known political control mechanisms on earth rarely actually describe what they represent accurately. if i call coca cola what it really is: 'fluid that leaches magnesium from the body and triggers serious illness...

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