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    • ura soul

      comment on "comments"

      ...close to their true needs or desires. Usually they are lied to to at all the points in the process and that is the point here. In the case of Jeffrey Epstein, it was stated in court that...

      • ura soul

        comment on "comments"

        If you look through the evidence cited in the Jeffrey Epstein map I put out, you can see he is closely tied with both Mafia groups and the operators of a long standing sexual blackmail operation too. I'm sure someone somewhere has very damning evidence of him.

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        • AAGabriel

          by AAGabriel

          Jeffrey Epstein Map Published – Exposing Human Trafficking and Blackmail for Intelligence Agencies?


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          • ura soul

            Bill Gates on Epstein's Jet Same Year Engineer Arrested At Gates' House for Child Abuse Porn in the group: conspiracy realists

            Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, billionaire and founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is listed in Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs in 2013 - The same year that Gates' 'personal engineer' was arrested at his mansion for possessing/trading 6000+ images of child/rape pornography. What ar...

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            • ura soul

              Project Veritas Google Insider: Censoring Jeffrey Epstein Info? in the group: conspiracy realists

              Project Veritas and their insider continue to expose Google and now they appear to have added Jeffrey Epstein to their block list. Google have been exposed, not just for censorship of specific political groups, but also censoring specific news topics that are of interest to the world. My recent v...

              keywords: google, youtube, censorship, jeffrey epstein, epstein, bill gates, microsoft, informationwar, free speech


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