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3 results for "joints"


    • SoulFish

      MALACHITE in the group: Crystals & Stones

      ...ly. It is said to detoxify the liver, stimulate the brain, relieve menstrual cramps as well as pain from other ailments such as arthritis or stiff joints. It strengthens the immune sy...


      • SoulFish

        MEDICINAL HERBS: Fomentation; aka- Compress in the group: HERBS; Medicinal, Magical & Metaphysical

        ...use a hot treatment like this in a hot condition but it's great to stimulate the blood and lymph and reduce inflammation to restore warmth to cold joints. If some part of the body has...


        • ura soul

          how to heal eczema in the group: holistic healing

          eczema is the label that is applied to forms of itchy skin rashes that appear on the human body. often the rash is worse around joints and areas where the body perspires, such as knee...

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