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    • ura soul

      NEW FEATURES: Katalists are now easier to use and have a 'published/draft' mode in the group: network information

      Good news! I have spent the last couple of days improving the way that Katalists work at ureka and they are now simpler for everyone to use productively. I will be making a video to demonstrate how they work soon too.\r\nThe changes are:\r\n\r\nKatalists now have a 'published status', like though...

      keywords: katalists, upgrade, features


      • ura soul

        Katalists at ureka.org - What they are and how to use them. in the group: network information

        Katalists are a great feature at ureka.org that allow us to combine numerous items from within ureka all onto one new page. For example, if you are researching a particular subject and have found many videos, webpages, images and other items that are all relevant to that topic, you can combine th...

        keywords: katalists, help, guide, walkthrough, tutorial, katalist

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