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    • ura soul

      comment on "SCHOOL OF REMEMBERING - drunvalo melchizedek"

      ...ultimately, they did not move on the issue - so from my perspective, i felt it was not my right place to be there, since my heart desires total liberation for all and i appear to have...

      • ura soul

        comment on "NuMundo"

        ...n an ideal location. essentially that means in or near a jungle - since that is the only real type of environment that offers the combination of liberation, oxygen and cleanliness neede...

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        • cataleptik

          reply on topic: introduce myself? okay...introduction and confession.

          ...of "it is my hearts' desire that..." when Buddha Shakyamuni died, he did not mean for anyone to create a rigid religion in his name. he meant Liberation from the Brahmanic world he l...

          • cataleptik

            Nichiren Zen

            ...'s' San Mai — unchecked [intelligence], powers, Jin Nyu Mu Sai — Fearlessness, dhyana-concentrations, Jo Ju Is Sai — Liberations and samadhis. They entered&n...



            • ura soul

              the next evolutionary step?

              keywords: evolution, office, corporate, corporation, cartoon, liberation, systemlessness, free will

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