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    • ura soul

      by ura soul

      Welcome Emileah! I just took the liberty of editing your avatar here as it was cropped to only show 1 black pixel at the corner of your intended avatar image - everyone will now see the image you uploaded now instead of a black box.

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      • innerverse

        2.14 - Activating Originality ft. Brian Pollet (Pixel-Pusha | Digital Artist)

        \r\nBrian is a friend I made last year at the Untz festival in California. He's been on the show once before, back in episode 1.16. Although we are roughly the same age, I really admire Brian's art and psychedelic courage and look up to him as an aspiring artist myself. He has been to psycho-nau...

        keywords: innerverse, podcast, digitalart, digital art, psychedelic, pixel pusha, trippy, psyart, plant medicines, consciousness, psychonaut, freedom, liberty, music festival, festie


        • innerverse