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    • ura soul

      SHIPS OF LIGHT - PART 2 - CARLOS DIAZ in the group: cosmic interactions

      In this Sequel to the ground breaking film Ships of Light, we investigate the Evidence, the detailed Analyses and the Messages from the Extraterrestrial Visitors received by Carlos Diaz during his encounters over 18 years in this ground breaking UFO Contact Case. Thousands of eyewitnesses includi...

      keywords: light ship, carlos diaz, mexico


      • ura soul

        Government / Military already admitted Extra Terrestrials are with us and we are using their tech... in the group: cosmic interactions

        While many continue to debate 'the possibility' of extra terrestrial intelligence, the cold hard fact remains that in addition to the large numbers of individuals who have had direct contact experiences, there are now many testimonies provided by professionals from numerous fields who reveal that...

        keywords: ufo, et, roswell, extra terrestrial, flying saucer, light ship, disclosure, air force, area 51

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        • ura soul

          Philippa Foster Art

          Wildlife, Botany, Science-Fiction, Science-Fact, Artist Impressions, Book Jackets, Line Drawings

          keywords: ufo, art, design, et, rendelsham, light ship