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42 results for "lockdown"


    • BlueTruth


      "They" let places open up so that mingling can be used as an excuse for re-lockdown as they release a more virulent strain of CV, or just pretend it's back with a vengeance, putting meat in the nothing burger with MSM and crisis actors.


      • BlueTruth


        ...t an excuse for tyranny. As places get out of lockdown they are planning a resurgenc...y can say we came out too soon and we need to lockdown longer. They could push the s...utated, requiring a much more stringent world lockdown this fall and prompting Bill...


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        • ura soul

          Lockdown 'made no difference to number of deaths', study suggests in the group: holistic healing

          Lockdowns made little difference to the number of people who have died from coronavirus, a study has claimed.  Researchers from the University of Toronto and U...

          keywords: covid19, lockdown, health, science, lancet, coronavirus, pandemic, freewill


          • ura soul

            600 Physicians Say Lockdowns Are A Mass Casualty Incident in the group: holistic healing

            “It is impossible to overstate the short, medium, and long-term harm to people’s health with a continued shutdown…from missed cancer diagnoses to untreated heart attacks and strokes to increased risks of suicides,” physicians warn.

            keywords: covid19, health, politics, news, america, lockdown, free will, suicide, depression, mental health



            • Shannon

              by Shannon

              Catherine Austin Fitts: Money + Slavery + Covid + Rioting | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

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              • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

                My News Punch EVENTS

                ...a/4055-anti-china-hysteria-is-about-power.html ➽➜⇢➤Julian Assange and Lockdown Injustice Scribes of the Jul...world.  https://ahtribune.com/world/wikileaks/4054-julian-assange-lockdown-injustice.html   ➽➜⇢➤I...

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                • ura soul

                  ER Doctor: End COVID Lockdown NOW. Gov Policies Are About Control of YOU, Not Based on Sound Science in the group: holistic healing

                  Dr. Dan Erickson of Bakersfield, California has made very clear that from his clinic's perspective, there is no reason to continue the COVID19 lockdown. He openly states that Dr. Fauci, who is leading policy making in the US, is out of touch and is not basing his decisions on valid science. He in...

                  keywords: covid1984, covid19, covid, coronavirus, lockdown, politics, news, health, science, america, informationwar


                  • ura soul

                    The Rationalization of Tyranny (Summary of concerns about COVID19 Policy) in the group: free will & non conformity

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                    keywords: covid1984, covid19, tyranny, politics, health, science, vaccinations, lockdown, human rights, freedom, free will


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