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3 results for "lockdown"


    • BlueTruth


      "They" let places open up so that mingling can be used as an excuse for re-lockdown as they release a more virulent strain of CV, or just pretend it's back with a vengeance, putting meat in the nothing burger with MSM and crisis actors.


      • BlueTruth


        ...t an excuse for tyranny. As places get out of lockdown they are planning a resurgenc...y can say we came out too soon and we need to lockdown longer. They could push the s...utated, requiring a much more stringent world lockdown this fall and prompting Bill...


        • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

          My News Punch DEJAHANG

          ....net/DrFereidounDejahang/presentations   ➽➜⇢➤Julian Assange and Lockdown Injustice Scribes of the Jul...world.  https://ahtribune.com/world/wikileaks/4054-julian-assange-lockdown-injustice.htm ➽➜⇢➤Israel Nee...