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    • ura soul

      comment on "heartlessness and mass mind control through tv advertising"

      ...ct figure of deaths attributable to mcdonalds is public knowledge.. most likely if it was, mcdonalds (and many other similar place...d a blood system that's full of fat.mcdonalds has over 35000 restaurants gl...h of the heart disease is caused by mcdonalds?studies have been done that s...


      • ura soul

        heartlessness and mass mind control through tv advertising in the group: aligning self for freedom

        why does the mcdonalds advert 'system' use the slogan "i'...n: "I'm loving it"?\r\nthe it is 'mcdonalds'.. so the thought process (du...llowing.\r\n“i'll just go to mcdonalds”.\r\nthe answer to what...s built in the unconscious by the 'mcdonalds designers' and begins with th...

        keywords: nazi, food, mind control, deprogramming, mcdonalds, fast food, advertising, heartlessness

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