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  • Mystical Musings

    Pondering all the big questions without ignoring the little ones. No religion, no agenda, nothing for sale. Talk about everything from string theory to sacred geometry and from meditation to summoning spirits. There is no specific category for the musings here just that there's a bit of the mystical rubbed on it. Dream interpretation? Definitely. Astral trips? Absolutely. Tarot? Terrific. OK, enough alliteration. This zone builds itself.





    • ura soul

      by ura soul

      meditation need not involve any form of control, this is one of the great errors of spiritual traditions. liberation requires the absence of control and from that liberation real balance may be found.

      • SolitaryFriend

        by SolitaryFriend

        One thing I do now instead is things like consulting a Shaman Oracle Deck where I incorporate meditation like trances going in with a question I wish to have answered. This works quite effectively.

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        • cataleptik

          the human race: examples

          I found his photo in a dumpster behind the Shamballa Center, a place of lay and monastic study and meditation in Boulder, Colorado.  It is one of the trashpicks I am proudest of.

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          • vanessa anne hartley


            keywords: Joy, Beauty, Meditation, Decoration, Spirit

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            • Savannah Little

              Free Your Mind

              keywords: meditation, Aum, healing, body

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