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    • ura soul

      Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars - full document in the group: slavery today

      update: this page alleges to reveal the true author of this document:https://www.ur...identally been accessed by those outside the agencies, which describes ways to control and enslave entire societies....

      keywords: silent weapons, cia, america, england, heartlessness, denial, control, mind control, manipulation, slavery, treachery, rothschild, bankers, psychopathy

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      • ura soul

        by ura soul

        unfortunately, the extent of the covert application of mind control, especially within killers, means that it is unwise to trust that all of the truth has come out in such cases when they reach court

        • ura soul

          by ura soul

          medtitation is intended to be healing and balancing, yet the control that is being used by many meditators is far from healing and balancing. controlling the mind and bodies does not bring benefits, rather peace arises from zero control.




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