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    • cataleptik

      Jose Arguelles' Vision For The New Age: essay by Stephanie South

      ...tering the animals, utilizing mind control technologies, and also "we...nseminate our electromagnetic mind field with artificial time. This...of a massive slave population controlled by the profit-making inter...iations of the solar logos or minds of the solar masters that dwell...


      • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

        My News Punch DEJAHANG

        ...fe-long bureaucrat.  I am reminded of President George H.W. Bu...als purchasing firearms. Bear in mind too that each individual can...Killing Experiment for Population Control?By Gary D. Barnett “We...y partners of the criminal state. Control over the population is almost...


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        • ura soul

          Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars - full document in the group: slavery today

          update: this page alleges to reveal the true author of this document:https://www.ur...identally been accessed by those outside the agencies, which describes ways to control and enslave entire societies....

          keywords: silent weapons, cia, america, england, heartlessness, denial, control, mind control, manipulation, slavery, treachery, rothschild, bankers, psychopathy

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          • frank

            by frank

            Many Arrests in State Run Child Abuse Ring: Mind Controlling Children To Have Them Removed From Real Parents? The Only Answer Is Self Empowerment & Rejection of Hierarchy.

            • ura soul

              by ura soul

              unfortunately, the extent of the covert application of mind control, especially within killers, means that it is unwise to trust that all of the truth has come out in such cases when they reach court

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              • ura soul

                Tricking Advertisers With Adverts | MIND CONTROL | Derren Brown in the group: conspiracy realists

                #DerrenBrown #MindControl #AdvertsPlaying the advertising experts at their own game, Derren Brown explore...illusionist and author. Since his television debut with Derren Brown: Mind Control in 2000 hes produced multiple...

                keywords: derren brown, advertising, mind control, psychology


                • ura soul

                  Honest Government Ad | Q Anon in the group: conspiracy realists

                  The US Government has made an ad about QAnon and its surprisingly honest and informative. Ways you can support us to keep making videos: Become a Patron: https://www.pa...

                  keywords: q, q anon, psyop, mind control, cult, america, usa, trump


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