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2 results for "mk ultra"

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    • ura soul

      targetted individuals: mass-scale, covert, mind-control + human remote tracking, implanting & harassment in the group: slavery today

      chipping, tagging and many other forms technology that are being used on non consenting humans have existed for decades. they can easily be inserted covertly inside us or delivered from satellites and used to track us, communicate with us and even control our body/mind. this page contains evidenc...

      keywords: rfid, implants, implant, psyops, black projects, rand corporation, cia, chipping, mk ultra, heartlessness, evil

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      • ura soul

        Jeffrey Epstein Involved in Gov. Mind Control Ops? Courtney Love Connected? in the group: conspiracy realists

        After it was revealed recently that Courtney Love had spent time with Andrew Windsor, an alleged perpetrator in the case of industrial scale elitist child abuse and human trafficking that was ended prematurely by the death of Jeffrey Epstein while in his jail cell.. I decided to do some research....

        keywords: epstein, mk ultra, mind control, courtney love, lsd, informationwar

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