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    • cataleptik

      comment on "Gargle: Good Forever"

        if you know who created MKULTRA and why, the wikipedia lies...Si sabes quién creó MKULTRA y por qué, Las mentir...."   BULLSHIT.  LIES. MKULTRA is named MK for MIND-KONTROLL...1953.   MIERDA. MENTIRAS. MKULTRA se llama MK para MIND-KONTROL...



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      • ura soul

        SHADOW WARRIOR: AN INTERVIEW WITH UGENE B. CULSON in the group: conspiracy realists

        I interview an original MKUltra Super Soldier Shadow Warrior involved in 444 operations including; Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Waco, Jonestown, Alice in Wonderland, Aurora Project and...

        keywords: supersoldier, mkultra, vietnam, area 51, monarch mind control


        • ura soul

          Bases 70 Michael Aquino Part Two in the group: conspiracy realists

          Michael A Aquino is a Lt Colonel, Psychological Operations, US Army (Ret). He is a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University;...

          keywords: acquino, america, mkultra, temple of set, satanism


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