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3 results for "monarch"

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    • ura soul

      colours in society – how extensive, covert, mind control systems are being applied to us all in the group: aligning self for freedom

      why are the toys and objects that are created for children of pre-school age, all such bright, primary colours?\r\nwhy are the items made for children of school age, generally less intensely coloured?why are school (and other) uniforms so often uniformly dull, grey and lifeless?why are the items ...

      keywords: color, colour, colors, colours, frequency, marketing, advertising, nazi, america, monarch, mind control

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      • ura soul

        Cathy O'Brien: Ex-Illuminati Mind Control Victim in the group: slavery today

        Warning: Adults only, if you're easily offended don't watch Read the book here: http://static.everdot.org/ebooks/english/Cathy_OBrien__Mark_Philips_-_Trance_Formation_of_America_MKULTRA_-_1995.pdf For Reasons of National Security (Intro - Mark Phillips. Cathy O'Brien - 0:36:50) The Granada Forum,...

        keywords: cathy o'brien, mkultra, monarch, monarch mind control, reagan, cia, whitehouse


        • ura soul

          targetted individual with MRI scans of his cyborg implants - Bases 52: KieronTI at Probe in the group: slavery today

          Kieron Lee Perrin is a British TI, or Targeted Individual. He has MRI scans showing his large Type 25 implants. Now his latest data is this is an interdimensional issue, involving octoforms...spiders. The Super Soldiers are Inter Dimensional Soldiers, where time and coherence logical straight lin...

          keywords: targetted individual, ti, cyborg, implants, synthetic telepathy, mkultra, monarch

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