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15 results for "money"


    • GodsDogShow

      most run by 8200 agents, better to do websites as time is money!

      • ura soul

        by ura soul

        it's nice to be paid money but not if the cost is that the truth is denied

        • doggy5

          by doggy5

          Is weku.io. real currency site ir play money?

          • cataleptik

            by cataleptik

            i think they will fail. they will make a little money, but they are anti-intellectual. they hate IDEAS and they will make a little money, and then it will trickle to nothing. Starting as they are starting now? "Assassin's Creed?" it's just MK.

            • ura soul

              by ura soul

              Yup, the healthScare corporations define government positions and policies on life and death! I'm sure it's all honest though... :/

              • ura soul

                the majority of the 'money' in the system doesn't actually exist - it is loans/credit, literally made from nothing - which interest being charged on the 'loan'. This has the effect that it is impossible for everyone to pay the 'debt' in full because...more

                • ura soul

                  it's a complicated subject because our 'money' is actually counter productive 'debt' and basically enslaves us all. so many twists!

                  • SoulFish

                    Putting money in the hands of the right people can't be wrong.

                    • ura soul

                      thanks! i appreciate the appreciation! :) - I'm considering finding a way of integrating a cryptocurrency in here, so that we actually get paid for every post like some other sites do. I'm in two minds about it because I prefer that we all stop...more