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    • BlueTruth

      The Brainwash Wears Off

      I stopped watching MSM and any regular cable television almost 10 years ago, except to scrutinize false flags and illogical occurrences. The brainwash wears off. Blow up your TV.

      keywords: Televisiom, msm, fluoride, aluminum, Alzheimer's, brainwash, geoengineering


      • BlueTruth

        URGENT! Full Disclosure from 'INSIDE’ Dr Rashid Buttar

        For resources and additional information, visit https://www.AskDrButtar.com/AskURGENT! Full Disclosure from 'INSIDE | Dr. Rashid ButtarRashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM: Dr. Rashid A. Buttar received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in B...

        keywords: Truth, MSM, Tyranny, Realitycheck, Brainwash


        • BlueTruth

          CNN Goes Full *....(I Can't Finish the Title)

          Mainstream Media tells us that the tests cannot be trusted. Up to 80%false positive or negative. At the same time they are pushing that allpeople need to be tested, stepping it up to 20 million per day. At $36.00 to $51.00 cost per test that adds up to Cash Cow, reliable or not.https://www.youtub...

          keywords: Truth, MSM, CV19