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    • ura soul

      Dr Lawrie Brett DDS Exposes Fluoride Dangers (mirror) in the group: holistic healing

      Dr Lawrie Brett describing his experences with those who fluoridate water supplies and some of the deception inherent therein.\n\nthis media is for educational purposes and used in context of fair use regulations for copyright.

      keywords: fluoride, water, poison, new zealand, fluoridation, denial


      • ura soul

        Exclusive- Eerily Same Exact “Terror Warnings” Mark Suspect’s Trips: Turkey-Germany & Tarrant in the group: conspiracy realists

        This is Sibel Edmonds reporting on the ground from Turkey. I have another exclusive report for you today. I am going to report on eerily same events taking place in Turkey upon the New Zealand alleged mass shooters arrival in the country. What are the statistical chances of one individuals both e...

        keywords: new zealand, terrorism, tarrant, germany, nazi, neonazism


        • ura soul

          COVID19: NZ Stores Enforce 'Contact Tracing' & Refuse Entry Without Providing ID? in the group: constitutional mechanics 101

          The Orwellian 'contact tracing' idea that provides masses of data on people's private movements to whoever happens to get hold of it 'for your safety' - has taken a new twist in New Zealand. The pet store 'Animates' has been shown to be refusing entry to anyone who will not provide personal detai...

          keywords: news, covid19, covid1984, contact tracing, new zealand, rights, freedom


          • ura soul

            Hi Dose Vit C Healed Swine Flu Fatality. Topic Censored for COVID19. Why? in the group: holistic healing

            Numerous Doctors have stated that they have attempted to inform the UK Gov and others of the benefit of using high dose Vitamin C treatment directly into the veins of patients, yet the Gov has claimed there is no evidence for it. The Chinese government ordered 4+ tons of Vitamin C at the start of...

            keywords: covid19, health, science, vitaminc, vitamins, politics, new zealand, swineflu, flu


            • Matthew Brick

              Matthew Brick

              • New Zealand