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        Leathur Rokk

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          comment on "comments"

          ...curity why people are told to leave or that better security means less rude people. Flawless logic yet again.. >When they have to depend on the news to catch thieves and off duty...

          • ureka.app

            comment on "comments"

            ...e to leave if their security was better. When they have to depend on the news to catch thieves and off duty...the scene and were able to take him into police custody." https://www.foxnews.com/us/missouri-suspect-idd "...

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            • cataleptik

              Indiepublic Plus

              my journey as an independent journalist has always involved learning. every year since the battle in seattle, i have learned more and more. i have to keep learning.&...

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              • cataleptik

                baiting the majors

                Heidi Przbla   One of the few reporters at MSNBC that never gave me a feeling like i was being lied to while the news was being reported.   for a few years I have been...

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                • cataleptik

                  Indiepublic (Revert Radio)

                  ...ey didn't care enough and with annoying, wasteful tactics got gear impounded and got the Indymedia name banned by arrogantly spam attacking network news sites. The first Indiepublic...


                  • ura soul

                    media bias in the group: slavery today

                    the lamestream media of this planet is commonly twisted in favor of the agenda of those who 'own' the group. why would you 'work' for someone who thinks they 'own' you and can direct your actions? that is slavery.

                    keywords: media, bias, newspapers, news media, corruption, denial, news




                    • ura soul

                      professional puppets in the group: aligning self for freedom

                      while many know the necessity of absolute integrity and always choosing to be authentic, there are many who choose the opposite. from politicians to corporate a-gents, marketers, actors, newsreaders and beyond - there is rarely even a hint of a real human to be found!

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