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    • cataleptik

      Jose Arguelles' Vision For The New Age: essay by Stephanie South

      ...tward events. Those who are sensitive are feeling these shifts as a new influx of light is pouring in thro...f non-consumable waste every day, while trapped in sectarian dilemmas, conflicts and wars of every kind, t...


      • BlueTruth


        ...audulent due to any cause of death being overridden by any positive test for covid, which has 8 out of 10 false positive results. It is a test for inflammation, not "Virus". Even wi...


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        • ura soul

          by ura soul

          Offering praise for peace, not conflict - this is truly glorious.

          • ura soul

            by ura soul

            there are basically two general paths for humans at present, two highways - if you like. one involves heartlessness and lack of empathy, which will tend to point towards empire and destruction/exploitation - resulting in fight/flight/survival...more

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            • cataleptik

              Dying sunflower

              Dying sunflower in mid-autumn...

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              • cataleptik

                Lashara by Kajishima Masaki, colours by Marco

                that was a black and white image by the master of character design, Kajishima Masaki.   I added colours in my Dada influenced style.   it is my fond desire, very soon, to put a print of that image right into Kajishima-sensei's hand. that would be giving back.

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                • ura soul

                  middle eastern balance in the group: transforming disaster

                  sharing knowledge, speakers and experience from the highly emotionally charged, denied and propagandised conflicts of the area of this planet that we commonly label as 'middle east'...

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