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3 results for "pain"

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    • ura soul

      water as primary healing agent - dis-ease is commonly due to dehydration in the group: holistic healing

      - 4 False Assumptions of 20th Century Medicine - Caffeine's Effect on the Body - Artificial Sweetener's Effect on the Body - Modern Voodoo Medicine - Water's Life-Giving Functions in the Body - The Brain's Water Requirements - Cell Physiology and the Two Oceans of Water - Histamine: A Neurotransm...

      keywords: water, salt, healing, body, dehydration, cancer, pain, dna, calcium, hiv, aids, cholesterol, seratonin, rna

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      • ura soul

        Emotional balance needs to be comprehended deeply now in the group: holistic healing

        The emotional self is the most misunderstood aspect of self and almost no-one yet has the full depth that is available on this topic. All forms of control are unhealthy - especially control of the emotions. emotions are 'energy motion' and thus they are not being what they truly are if they are n...

        keywords: emotional balance, emotions, balance, rage, anger, fear, pain, heart, will, survival

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        • ura soul

          Do-It-Yourself Joint Pain Relief, As Easy As 1-2-3 in the group: holistic healing

          You’ll soon discover that joint pain relief can often be achieved in just 3 Simple Steps. Giving you the ability to "fix yourself" is our mission, even for those with chronic joint pain, so let's get

          keywords: massage, body, health, joints, inflammation, tmj, tmd, pain