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3 results for "pandemic"

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    • ura soul

      Vitamin C The Miracle Swine Flu Cure - 60 Minutes Living Proof in the group: nutritional balance

      Doctors treating Aukland farmer Alan Smith had decided it was time to turn his life support machine off until a timely intervention by his family and Vitamin C saved his life.Visit our website: https://livlong.ca

      keywords: swine flu, vitamin c, health, covid19, coronavirus, pandemic, immunity, nutrition


      • Nana Jovaun Kwame

        EboLIE Update

        \r\nThe CDC Website Is Keeping Track of the Supposed "Infections and Deaths" From "Ebola" Which as of Today Depicts a Total of About 9000 Total Cases, But Only 5000 "Laboratory Confirmed" Cases, and 4000 Deaths. These Numbers Include All Cases Across All 4 Countries Affected By the "Outbreak", an...

        keywords: ebola, cdc, report, africa, pandemic, outbreak


        • ura soul

          "Coronavirus Is a Bioweapon" - Says US Bioweapon Lawmaker. + Danish Law Allows Forced Vaccinations! in the group: holistic healing

          The recent hostile takeover of the STEEM blockchain by a Billionaire from Wuhan has coencided with the worldwide pandemic of a hostile virus, also out of Wuhan! This has kept me busy the last few weeks, but I have found time to post some of the evidence I have come across that shows that the Coro...

          keywords: coronavirus, health, news, vaccinations, covid-19, pandemic