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3 results for "parenting"

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    • ura soul

      when love is not present in us, we cause ever more suffering in the group: holistic healing

      when parents create children there is much that needs to be considered and allowed to evolve WITHIN the parents to ensure love is sufficiently present for children to be happy, successfull and loving of themselves.\r\nif the parents do not completely accept themselves, then feelings of undesirabi...

      keywords: parenting, healing, children, babies, healing, will, love, balance, right use of will

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      • ura soul

        do you move for the earth?

        when you next think of asking someone: "did the earth move for you?"maybe a wiser question is: "do you move for the earth?"\r\nnot just another public service announcement.\r\nhttps://www.ureka.org

        keywords: psychpath, sex, ovum, egg, sperm, reproduction, balance, pollution, children, parenting

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        • ura soul

          raised that way

          until you heal on all levels, we will be talking with your own internal programs and not with the living soul that you are! just because you were 'raised that way' doesn't make that way healthy!

          keywords: programs, beliefs, psychology, psyche, balance, parenting

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