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    • ura soul

      Do parents pass on dysfunctions to their children due to unprocessed rage and a lack of self awareness? in the group: holistic healing

      Often parents can be seen and felt to be controlling their 'children' and essentially mind controlling them and programming them with behaviours via a variety of dysfunction causing methods. These can include 'reward/punishment' devices that often include blaming that causes guilt and other simil...

      keywords: parents, children, denial, healing, balance, heart, love, will, emotion, rules, mind control, dogma

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      • SolitaryFriend

        Indigos, Starseeds, Crystal, Rainbow Children & Parents

        For more information on these Kids Please visit my website link at: http://ownmindbodyspirit.com/?p=863 http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/voyag01d.htm In this video I discuss my personal experience and challenges growing up with the special abilities of Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow ki...

        keywords: Indigos, Starseeds, Crystal, Rainbow, Children, Parents