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3 results for "patterns"

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    • ura soul

      fractals in the group: sacred shapes / geometry

      plainly pretty repeating patterns performing regular poetic pictures

      keywords: fractal, art, patterns

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      • ura soul

        Is the mind control in schools any different to the control in prisons and concentration camps? in the group: free will & non conformity

        *whistle sounds*"STOP NOW"."bell sounds""STOP PLAYING NOW, COME INSIDE"all seems innocent enough right? how else will 'teachers' get the children to come back to class, AGAINST THEIR WILL?\r\nif the children want to come back to class there is no need to control them; they will do so when they ar...

        keywords: school, education, mind control, nwo, luciferic, heartlessness, denial, enslavement, slavery, nazi, free will, patterns, control, barbaric

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        • ura soul

          form change in the group: slavery today

          slavery continues to exist - the shackles and ropes may be gone in most cases, yet the patterns remain with different appearances - the causes have not been found and evolved.

          keywords: form, patterns, slavery, suit, collars, cuffs, denial, money

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