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    • ura soul

      The Primacy of Consciousness - Graphic reproduction in the group: open hearted science

      A graphical reproduction of Peter Russell's lecture; The Primacy of Consciousness. Peter Russell - http://www.facebook.com/PeterRussellAuthor - explores the problems science has explaining consciousness

      keywords: consciousness, science, philosophy, conscious


      • innerverse

        Freedom to Fulfull Our True Natures ft. Daniel Belt (Life Coach)

        Independence Day just happened and so what better time than now to ponder the nature of personal freedom? Join us for a discussion with Life Coach/Mentor/Philosopher Daniel Belt as we explore various ideas related to aligning your Self with the forces that create and sustain our universe, and how...

        keywords: innverse, podcast, philosophy, consciousness


        • innerverse

          4.4 - The Source of Inspiration with Matt Presti

          Matt Presti is the current president of the University of Science and Philosophy. In this episode we discuss the dynamics of self-discovery and divinely inspired illumination by exploring the ideas of great thinkers like Walter Russell, Nicola Tesla, and other spiritual avatars of history. Matt's...

          keywords: science, philosophy, walter russell, podcast, innerverse, consciousness, light


          • ura soul

            Anarcho Capitalism, Voluntarism & The Alternatives - My Reponse to Kafkanarchy in the group: free will & non conformity

            I recently interviewed Danny Shine and we spoke about anarcho-capitalism and some of Danny's complaints about what he perceived anarcho-capitalism to be (link to interview is below). Kafkanarchy from 'Voluntarism Japan' saw the video and felt he needed to clarify some points: https://dlive.io/liv...

            keywords: anarchy, politics, philosophy, ura-soul, kafkanarchy, voluntarism, anarcho-capitalism, steemit, dannyshine


            • cataleptik

              dakini teachings glossary p5

              dakini teachings glossary p5   warning:  controversial.  check out the definition of 'five poisons'!      

              keywords: buddha, dharma, salvation, desire, right use of will, RUoW, philosophy, Taoism, Daoism, Dao, Tao

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