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    • Daniel Lish

      Greeting Ura, I loved the podcast interview! thanks for letting me know about my website - just checked it and it seems fine...just takes a little while to load. Looking forward to hearing/seeing you again on other podcasts :) Dx

      • innerverse

        Breakthrough to Creativity, by Shafica Karagulla - I have been scouring the internet for a pdf copy of this book, on the very subject you're describing. So far no luck, I may have to pay for it. Mysterious Universe podcast reviewed it, great...more


        • innerverse

          Acharya Shunya | Vedika Global, Ayurvedic Wisdom & Dreaming Ourselves

          ...y, synchronicity, and the dream of Samsara. BECOME A PLUS+ MEMBER https://www.patreon.com/innerverse SHOW NOTES & LINKS https://www.innerversepodcast.com/season-6/acharya-shunya-v...

          keywords: podcast, healing, ayurveda, spirituality, consciousness, wisdom


          • innerverse

            Brenden Weber | Panpsychism vs. Materialism With The Philosophy Guy

            ...en Weber is the host of The Philosophy Guy, a podcast that explores wise ideas, oft...seSHOW NOTES & LINKShttps://www.innerversepodcast.com/season-6/brenden-weber-philosophy-guyTHE PHILOSOPHY GUY PODCASThttps://thephilosophyguy.fires...

            keywords: podcast, innerverse, philosophy, consciousness, science, panpsychism


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            • innerverse

              2.23 - Animating the Soul ft. @Moka_Asaki

              \r\n\r\nLindsey has always liked to draw, doodles, characters, and whatever she's feeling. In this episode we talk about ways to employ creativity as therapy, and the many ways our society tends to sabotage one's motivation to do that. We talk about some negative topics, but the conversation is p...

              keywords: innerverse, podcast, drawing, art, creativity, creative, artist, anime, mind control, government, culture, society


              • innerverse

                2.14 - Activating Originality ft. Brian Pollet (Pixel-Pusha | Digital Artist)

                \r\nBrian is a friend I made last year at the Untz festival in California. He's been on the show once before, back in episode 1.16. Although we are roughly the same age, I really admire Brian's art and psychedelic courage and look up to him as an aspiring artist myself. He has been to psycho-nau...

                keywords: innerverse, podcast, digitalart, digital art, psychedelic, pixel pusha, trippy, psyart, plant medicines, consciousness, psychonaut, freedom, liberty, music festival, festie


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