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4 results for "psychedelics"

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    • ura soul

      concise tips on using cannabis and psychedelics when healing self in the group: holistic healing

      for those that have never explored psychedelic chemicals and/or plant-life, the impressions gleaned from others (especially those twisted by media groups and scientific/government/military minds) can seem terrifying. tales of lost personalities and claims of 'mental disturbance' that last way bey...

      keywords: lsd, magic mushrooms, peyote, psychedelics, drugs, salvia, cannabis, evolution, healing, love, ego, will, right use of will, balance

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      • innerverse

        2.10 - Creating Your Own Roadshow ft. Ed Liu (Psychedelic Milk)

        \r\n\r\nEd is the host of Psychedelic Milk Podcast, a show with some truly mind-bending guests. We found a lot in common during our first conversation, especially with our intentions around podcasting and creating one's own life story. We spoke about our mutual podcasting guru Duncan Trussell, an...

        keywords: innerverse, psychedelics, podcast, meditation


        • innerverse

          Syncrenlightenment - Santo Daime & Psychedelic Spirituality

          Tyler, a member of the Santo Daime church of psychedelic healing, dropped by the studio to talk about his experiences with the organization. It was a fascinating chat about the potentials and realities of shamanistic tools such as Ayahuasca, and how religious symbol structures can be a useful sca...

          keywords: innerverse, psychedelics, plant medicines, church, spirituality, santo daime, ayahuasca


          • innerverse

            Brianna Columbini | Astro-Numerology & Creating Space For Healing

            Soul soother & mind mender Brianna Columbini joins us to talk about her work as a life coach, psychedelic assisted trauma recovery, and the convergence between astrology and numerology. We also touch on how to create space for healing in your life, and the perspectives that can push you to yo...

            keywords: podcast, astrology, numerology, brianna columbini, healing, trauma, psychedelics